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  1. In Topic: The Russia Politics and War in Ukraine Thread

    Yesterday, 12:33 PM

    Facinating Werthead lost quite a while looking at the structure of the Russian Federation and its part, while not feudal the structure of organization does seem rather byzantine in its complexity. Perhaps a Jugoslavia situation could be more likely than I thought and the first breakup of the soviet union was merely stage one.
  2. In Topic: The Russia Politics and War in Ukraine Thread

    Yesterday, 07:58 AM

    View PostMentalist, on 23 September 2022 - 12:18 PM, said:

    I've seen suggestions that what we are most likely to see in Russia in the coming years is something like the Warlords Era in China.

    That's my nightmare scenario half a dozen russian leaders each with some nukes. Each making war with each other for the crown.

    Think it is unlikely but even uprisings or fracturing of russia into a few different states could be nearly as bad, while that probably also is unlikely maybe a bit less so now. What would be the fault lines for a fracturing russia? To outsiders it does seem rather monolithic after the soviet breakup but obviously even the soviet years can't have eradicated all regional difference. I could see that warlord in the Caucasus doing something but for the rest of the country?

    Upside of fracturing the nation would of course be that repeats of what is happening now would be increasingly less likely, while an intact russia might/probably will get similiar ideas in 10-30 years. It would however probably make for a breakup of Jugoslavia situation where internal wars and tensions would be high for all those who thought they got cheated of their national/personal glory and wealth.

    Of course this is taking russia's defeat for granted but...well that does seem inevitable to happen in some fashion. In some ways it did once Ukraine held out for the first month, got western military support which must be unequaled except for where actual western troops fought such as Vietnam and Afghanistan and when the russian army's "quality" was revealed.

    We certainly live in more interesting times than I thought a few years ago and the historian in me find it captivating while the actual news horrify me.
  3. In Topic: The Russia Politics and War in Ukraine Thread

    23 September 2022 - 05:14 AM

    One of the worst case scenarios certainly seems to approach rapidly, some kind of degradation of order in Russia even if we don't get a full blown civil war which would probably be the worst case possible.

    View PostMentalist, on 23 September 2022 - 04:49 AM, said:

    Which suggests that when Putler finally kicks the bucket, there'll be several players with private armies to make a bid for power.

    Maybe we could it end up in another type of historical situation where disgruntled soldiers march on Moskow, if the war drags on a year or two. Of course it could be over before end of winter if the crazy czar finds a way to save face and the ukrainians let him. The later part seems unlikely and should probably be.
  4. In Topic: The Russia Politics and War in Ukraine Thread

    21 September 2022 - 11:32 AM

    Seems to be a brilliant way to loose any male between 18-35 that can get a job outside russia and has the resources or guts to move. While feeding another 300 000 (not that they likely get those numbers into the field) unprepared, underequipped and atrociously lead people into a meat grinder. Hopefully the mobilization can be levraged for more support from the EU and US.

    By the way love the updates to this threat usually better than official news in sweden at least.

  5. In Topic: Primal

    21 September 2022 - 06:09 AM

    Several of the episodes where pretty brilliant but the horror of the two "viking village" episodes where pretty damn incredible for an animated cartoon.

    Heard rumors that we'll get more but different following the last scene.


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