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43 years old
April 7, 1979
Tattooing, Painting, Reading, Olde English Bulldogges

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Jul 14 2010 04:59 PM

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    06 Apr 2022 - 19:34
    and again
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    06 Apr 2021 - 17:08
    happy birthday
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    17 Jun 2016 - 21:32
    Hey I just wanted to say I really love the drawings I'm actually thinking about getting either the Fiddler or Chain of dogs I just wanted to make sure that was ok with you.
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    17 Oct 2014 - 17:00
    I do have a couple more ideas kicking around in my head. Hopefully I'll get the time to execute them.
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    17 Oct 2014 - 17:00
    Good to the hear from you Puck. Glad you liked the Fiddler drawing. It is the time of the year where I feel like posting stuff again. Take care.
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    16 Oct 2014 - 22:57
    Good to see you posting again, that Fiddler design kicks ass!
    And even after so many years, I like your Bridgeburner sigil design best. It just won't leave me. It's one of those tattoes I'm most definitely going to get at some point.
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    11 Feb 2011 - 22:24
    Gonna take you up on that offer some day. I like your honest criticism and I'm really glad you like my art, another reason to try even harder.
    Don't overwork yourself with whatever you are doing and take care :)
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    11 Feb 2011 - 00:34
    Hey, right back at ya. I creep around the site but don't have a lot of free time anymore. You are doing so wonderfully with your art. If I'm around and you need a gently critical eye, give me a holler. Take care.
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    11 Feb 2011 - 00:13
    Hey, just dropping by to say it's nice to see you around again. Thanks for the advice.
    I'm probably just happy to see you around because you were the first person I mustered up the courage to ask something/talk to on this board [because I wanted to copy your Bridgeburner badge design, ha].. Kind of nostalgic.
    Anyway, hope you're all right wherever you are.
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