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  1. TI4 Game 4C - Chat Thread

    08 October 2019 - 06:00 PM

    All the regular chat thread reference material is in the Reference Thread.

    Couple of important notes about this game!

    The following changes have been made to the SOs in play:

    Firstly, the Diversify Negotiations SO which required a player to own one PN from each player has been removed completely.

    The test for "Charge Through Their Defenses" has been changed from ...


    Charge Through Their Defenses -- 1VP -- Action Phase -- Successfully invade a planet that has 2 PDSs.



    Charge Through Their Defenses -- 1VP -- Action Phase -- Destroy or replace two or more PDS during a single tactical action.

    Chat away!
  2. TI4 Game 4C - Game Thread

    08 October 2019 - 05:56 PM

    Current Game Status:

    Current Points:

    D'rek (Nekro): 10 VP (4 x PO, N'orr SftT, 2 x SO, 2 x Imperial Rex)

    ItWasNom (Xxcha): 7 VP (5 x PO, L1Z1X SftT, 1 x SO)

    Imperial Historian (Yin): 9 VP (Arborec SftT, 6 x PO, 2 x SO)

    Jazzarm (L1Z1X): 5 VP (4 x PO, Xxcha SftT)

    Twelve (Arborec): 9 VP (Custodians Tokens, 1 x Imperial Rex, 4 x PO, 2 x SO, Yin SftT)

    Khellendros (Letnev): 8 VP (6 x PO, 2 x SO)

    Morgoth (Creuss): 9 VP (Naalu SftT, 6 x PO, 2 x SO)

    Tattersail (Sardakk): 7 VP (3 x PO, Nekro SftT, 2 x SO, Letnev SftT)

    ToasTer86 (Naalu): 10 VP (Creuss SftT, 6 x PO, 3 x SO)

    Latest Game Map:


    If the map doesn't load under the above spoiler tag, I'll try always have the most recent map updates in a Google Drive folder found HERE!

    Current Laws:

    The Yin Brotherhood have been elected as the Minister of Policy and may draw an additional action card during the status phase.
    The planet Nevant has been elected for Research Team: Warfare. The owner of Nevant may exhaust this agenda for a red pre-requisite.
    The planet Daemon has been elected for Core Mining. Its resource value has been increased by 2.
    REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT (LAW): Players cannot exhaust planets to cast votes during the agenda phase. Each player may cast 1 vote on each agenda. Repealed by the Xxcha.

    Public Objectives:

    Stage 1

    Expand Borders -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Control 6 Planets in non-home systems. (Claimed by: Toaster, Khellendros, Jazzarm, Imperial Historian, Drek, Morgoth, Tattersail, Nom, Twelve)
    Diversify Research -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Own 2 technologies in each of 2 colors. (Claimed by: Jazzarm, Khellendros, D'rek, Toaster, Twelve, Morgoth, Nom)
    Negotiate Trade Routes -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Spend 5 trade goods. (Claimed by: Morgoth, Tattersail, Nom, Twelve, Imperial Historian, Jazzarm, Drek)
    Corner the Market -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Control 4 planets that have the same planet trait. (Claimed by: Khellendros, Imperial Historian, Toaster, Morgoth, Nom, Tattersail, Twelve)
    Erect a Monument -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Spend 8 resources. (Claimed by: Jazzarm, Khellendros, Imperial Historian, Toaster, Nom)

    Stage 2

    Form Galactic Brain Trust -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Control 5 planets that have technology specialties. (Claimed by: Khellendros)
    Manipulate Galactic Law -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Spend 16 influence. (Claimed by: Morgoth, Imperial Historian, Toaster, D'rek)
    Galvanize the People -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Spend a total of 6 tokens from your tactic and/or strategy pools.
  3. Da new Indie Band - The Twilights

    31 July 2019 - 06:32 PM

    Made me LOL.




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