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  1. Twilight Imperium (Game 3) - Game Thread

    29 January 2019 - 03:20 PM

    Current Game Status:

    Round 6, Action Phase, Turn 3

    Current Points:

    Imperial Historian = 9 (4 PO, 2 SftT, 2 SO)

    Morgoth = 8 (5 PO, 1 SO, 1 SftT, 1 Imperial)

    Macaw = 7 (3 PO, 3 SO, 1 SftT)

    Tapper = 6 (3 PO, 1 SO, 1 SftT, 1 Imperial Rider)

    Twelve = 4 (3 PO, 1 SftT)

    D'rek = 3 (2 PO, 1 Custodians token)

    Tattersail = 3 (2 PO, 1 SO)

    Blend = 2 (2 PO)

    Itwaes Nom = 2 (1 PO, 1 SftT)

    Latest Game Map:

    Current Laws:

    Core Mining: The resource value of Vefut II is increased by 2 (now 4/2).

    Minister of Sciences: Tattersail (Sol) is the Minister of Sciences - When the owner of this card resolves the primary or secondary ability of the Technology Strategy card, they do not need to spend resources.

    Minister of Policy: Morgoth (Letnev) is the Minister of Policy - Draw an extra action card during the status phase. Law repealed.

    Shard of the Throne: Morgoth (Letnev) is the holder of the Shard of the Throne - This is worth 1VP. If a player wins a combat against the holder of this card, they gain the card. Law repealed.

    Research Team: Warfare: Sakulag gains a red tech specialty.

    Public Objectives:

    Stage 1
    Found Research Outposts - Status Phase - Control 3 planets that have technology specialties - 1VP
    (Fulfilled by: IH, Blend , Twelve, Macaw, Morgoth )

    Stage 2
    Erect a Monument - Status Phase - Spend 8 resources - 1VP
    (Fulfilled by: Blend, IH, Macaw, Morgoth, Tapper , Tattersail, Twelve, Itwaes Nom)

    Stage 3
    Lead from the Front - Status Phase - Spend a total of 3 tokens from your tactic and/or strategy pools - 1VP
    (Fulfilled by: Morgoth, Tapper)

    Stage 4
    Develop Weaponry -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Own 2 unit upgrade technologies.
    (Fulfilled by: Tattersail, Morgoth, IH, D'rek , Macaw, Twelve)

    Stage 5
    Sway the Council -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Spend 8 influence.
    (Fulfilled by: Tapper, D'rek, Morgoth)

    Stage 6
    Centralize Galactic Trade -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Spend 10 trade goods.
    (Fulfilled by: Imperial Historian)

    Stage 7
    Subdue the Galaxy -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Control 11 planets in non-home systems.
    {Fulfilled by: )

    Stage 8

    Stage 9

    Stage 10
  2. Twilight Imperium (Game 3) - Chat Thread

    29 January 2019 - 02:06 PM

    For all their might, influence, and seemingly unstoppable spread, the Arborec never reached Mecatol Rex. As such, their imperial sovereignty was never officially recognised by the other races. More than a touch of xenophobic hostility against such a 'different' species played its part as well in this decision. So when the Jol-Nar reappeared from their deep underwater laboratories, proclaiming that they had concocted a 'miracle' weedkiller with which to combat the sentient plants, the other races were more than happy to welcome them back into the galactic fold. Thus, the Arborec interregnum, and the tranquil peace it had brought, proved all too brief. Entire planets were ecologically devastated, for the Jol-Nar solution made no exception between Arborec and other plant life. Pushed all the way back to their home system, the Arborec sued for peace. But, if plants could plot vengeance, then that is surely what they now did.

    The Arborec Annihilation, as it came to be known, hid yet other dramatic events. The Saar had disappeared, nobody knew where, nor did anyone much care. The Xxcha, too, had seemingly vanished. Rumours abounded that, disgusted by the violent actions of the other races, they had found a way to construct an impenetrable opaque field around their entire home system - the ultimate insurance of privacy. Likewise, the Ghosts of Creuss - with their ever-impenetrable intentions - suddenly closed off their wormholes and dimensional tears. No trace or evidence of them could be found in the galactic ether - it was as if the other races had suffered from a collective hallucination.

    A different set of events enveloped the L1z1x Mindnet. The screams of horror and abject terror emanating from their homeworld did not register at all with the other races, so preoccupied were they with the Arborec. A pity. Else they might have been more prepared for the return of the Nekro Virus.

    Neither were the L1Z1X the only ones to be reacquainted with an old foe. The Jol-Nar had taken a calculated gamble when reemerging from their self-imposed exile. They knew enough to understand what would happen should they leave the safety of their aquatic environments, but the lure of the Mecatol throne was too great. Calculations were made, and the risk was deemed acceptable. And in another part of the galaxy, the stars themselves appeared to grow brighter, fiercer, angrier. The Embers of Muaat would not pass on this opportunity to incinerate their former slavemasters.

    The new political climate presented new opportunities for the old races. The Winnu had breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that the Xxcha obstacle was gone, and set their sights firmly on Mecatol Rex once again. The Hacan and the Mentak once again turned their minds to what they did best, making a profit from the ambitions of the other races, whilst all the time looking for their own opportunity to steal the throne - the Mentak had come so agonisingly close last time, there was no reason why they could not do so again. As usual, the Solarians had learned nothing from their setbacks and faults, and made ready to try again.

    And in a not-so-distant corner of the galaxy, a fleet of trade ships and their escort were blown into millions of pieces as massive war ships flew past without care. They called themselves a Barony now, but soon, very soon, they would be the Letnev Imperium.

    Rules, reference, and players can be found in the posts below.
  3. Twilight Imperium (II) - Chatty Thread

    09 July 2018 - 04:02 AM

    Order of Play for Strategy Phase (Table Order):

    • Khellendros
    • Lady Bliss
    • D'rek
    • IH
    • Morgoth
    • Gnaw
    • Tattersail
    • Twelve
    • Tapper

    Banner Images:

  4. Twilight Imperium (II) - Game Thread

    09 July 2018 - 04:02 AM

    Current Game Status: ACTION PHASE

    Current Points:

    Morgoth = 11 (Mentak SftT; Saar SftT; 5 x PO; 2 x SO; Seeds of an Empire)
    Tapper = 11 (5 x PO; 3 x SO; 1 x Imperial Rex)

    ItWasBliss = 10 (5 x PO; 2 x SO; Arborec SftT, Seeds of an Empire)

    D'rek = 9 (5 x PO; 1 x SO; 1 x Imperial Rex, Creuss SftT)

    IH = 8 (4 x PO; 2 x SO; Hacan SftT, Seeds of an Empire)

    Khellendros = 7 (4 x PO; Mecatol Rex Token)

    Tatts = 6 (Xxcha SftT; Winnu SftT; 2 x PO; 1 x SO, 1 x Imperial Rider)

    Gnaw = 3 (1 x SO; 2 x PO)

    Twelve = 1 (1 x SO)

    Latest Game Map:


    Current Laws:

    The Clans of Saar shall fulfill the Prophecy of Ixth:


    PROPHECY OF IXTH (LAW) -- Elect a Player
    The owner of this card applies +1 to their fighter's combat rolls. When the owner of this card uses a Production ability they discard this card unless they produce at least 2 fighters.

    Drek has been elected as the Minister of Industry:


    MINISTER OF INDUSTRY (LAW) -- Elect a Player
    When the owner of this card places a space dock in a system, their units in that system use Production abilities.

    The above law was repealed by the Arborec.

    Twelve has been elected the Minister of Policy:


    MINISTER OF POLICY (LAW) -- Elect a Player

    The owner draws an extra action card during the status phase.

    Tapper has been elected as the Crown of Emphidia.


    THE CROWN OF EMPHIDIA (LAW) -- Elect a Player

    This card is worth 1VP. If a player gains control of a planet in this player's home system they gain this card.

    The above law was repealed by the Arborec.

    The planet Meer has been elected for the Terraforming Initiative.


    TERRAFORMING INITIATIVE (LAW) -- Elect a Hazardous Planet

    The influence and resource values of this planet are each increased by 1.

    The planet Arinam has been elected for Research Team: Propulsion.


    RESEARCH TEAM: PROPULSION (LAW) -- Elect an Industrial Planet

    When this planet's owner researches technology they may exhaust this planet to ignore a blue prerequisite.

    Public Objectives:

    (Stage I)
    Intimidate Council -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Have 1 or more ships in 2 systems that are adjacent to Mecatol Rex's system.
    (Claimed by: IH, ItWasBliss, Drek, Khellendros)

    (Stage I)
    Lead From the Front -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Spend a total of 3 tokens from your tactic and/or strategy pools.
    (Claimed by: Morgoth, Tapper)

    (Stage I)
    Corner the Market -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Control 4 planets that have the same planet trait.
    (Claimed by: Tattersail, Morgoth, Khellendros, ItWasBliss, Drek, IH, Gnaw)

    (Stage I)
    Negotiate Trade Routes -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Spend 5 trade goods.
    (Claimed by: IH, ItWasBliss, Morgoth, Tapper, Tattersail, Drek)

    (Stage I)
    Expand Borders -- 1VP -- Status Phase -- Control 6 Planets in non-home systems.
    (claimed by: Drek, IH, Gnaw, Morgoth, ItWasBliss, Tapper)

    (Stage II)
    Galvanize the People -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Spend a total of 6 tokens from your tactic and/or strategy pools.
    (claimed by: Morgoth, Khellendros)

    (Stage II)
    Conquer the Weak -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Control 1 planet that is in another player's home system.
    (claimed by: Tapper, Khellendros)

    (Stage II)
    Found a Golden Age -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Spend 16 resources.
    (claimed by: ItWasBliss, Drek, Tapper)

    (Stage II)
    Centralize Galactic Trade -- 2VP -- Status Phase -- Spend 10 trade goods.

    ??? (Stage II)
  5. TI4 game 2 signup

    07 July 2018 - 05:58 AM

    Twilight Imperium Game 2. Blend is modding. All hail Blend!!

    • D'rek
    • Gnaw



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