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  1. In Topic: What's messing with your groove?

    Today, 08:00 AM

    View PostCause, on 25 March 2019 - 07:35 AM, said:

    My workplace has a policy that passwords have to change every month. I am absolutely positive that this probably compromises security more than it helps because no one can remember 12 alpha numeric passwords a year. So like me we probably all stick with something and then modify the last digit.

    Worse I know people who do variations of this password1 ... Password12.

    Pointless and annoying. The worst combination

    Just write it down in a notebook you keep at your desk. The people whom would theoretically break into your computer for information will never be physically present at your desk, nor spend time riffling through your notebooks.
  2. In Topic: The USA politics thread -

    Today, 07:57 AM

    View PostNicodimas, on 24 March 2019 - 10:26 PM, said:

    NO trump Russian involvement !!!!

    Per mueller . boom!

    Trump just won 2020.

    You've just entirely lost your attachment to reality. Even a modicum of reading would tell you this is not what the report says. Do you just grab the headline from your favourite rightwing twitter account and run from there?
  3. In Topic: Twilight Imperium (Game 3) - Chat Thread

    Yesterday, 06:52 PM

    I am not in a position to trade away any tgs, but I can promise you not to take trade.
  4. In Topic: Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice

    23 March 2019 - 09:50 AM

    This game is very different. Kind of like Bloodborne, but also not at all.
  5. In Topic: Twilight Imperium (Game 3) - Game Thread

    23 March 2019 - 06:32 AM

    Posted Image

    Secondaries: Refresh trade.

    Mentak plays:


    TRADE AGREEMENT (Letnev) | Play when the Letnev player replenishes commodities. The Letnev player gives you all of their commodities. Then, return this card to the Letnev player.

    Qucen'n-Rarron - Move Dreadnought and fighter from empty system, Build the Arc Secunduns and 2 fighters for 9 (8+1) resources.


    Victory Points: 7 (4 PO, 1 SftT, 1 MR, 1 Law)

    Strategy Card: Imperial
    Command Pools: 0T | 2(4)F | 0S
    Goods: 0/2 C | 6 TG
    Action Cards: 5
    Secret Objectives: 0 fulfilled | 2 unfulfilled
    Promissory Notes: 2 Letnev, 1 Mentak, 1 Nekro,

    + Arc Prime (4/0)
    + Wren Terra (2/1)
    + Abyz (3/0)
    + Fria (2/0)

    + Tequ'Ran (2/0)
    + Torkan (0/3)
    + Thibah (1/1) (Blue tech)
    + Qucen'n (1/2)
    + Rarron (0/3)
    + Mecatol Rex (1/6)

    + Antimass Deflectors - Your ships can move into and through asteroid fields. When other players' units use SPACE CANNON against your units, apply -1 to the result of each die roll.
    + + Sarween Tools - When 1 or more of your units use PRODUCTION, reduce the combined cost of the produced units by 1.
    + Plasma Scoring - When 1 or more of your units use BOMBARDMENT or SPACE CANNON, 1 of those rolls may roll 1 additional die.
    + Duranium Armor - During each combat round, after you assign hits to your units, repair one of your damaged units that did not use Sustain Damage during this combat round.
    + Non Euclidian Shielding - When 1 of your units uses Sustain Damage, cancel 2 hits instead of 1.
    + Dreadnought 2 - Upgrades Dreadnought blueprint to Dreadnought 2.
    + Carrier 2 - Upgrades Carrier blueprint to Carrier 2.
    + War Sun - Allows for the production of War Suns


    + Mentak Support from the Throne - 1VP
    + Nekro Cease Fire