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  1. In Topic: A Lateral Jump of Career

    Yesterday, 04:58 PM

    View PostGust Hubb, on 22 May 2020 - 04:46 PM, said:

    View PostMacros, on 22 May 2020 - 02:31 PM, said:

    I'd say your top priority right now then is something 9-5. Even if it is mind numbing. Avoid gig work on this front then, you seem to need some stability and routine, take the hit financially if you can to get a better quality of life and this will give you the energy and time to invest in improving/altering your skill set

    Yeah, that is a good summary of what I agree will be best. I am seeing if there are any regulatory/QA type jobs out there I can break into. I mean part of the problem is I am overqualified and people probably expects I will ask a high salary. I am trying to get attention from any company to at least talk to them so I can impress upon them that a high wage is not necessary for my employ.

    And yeah, I was looking into gig work and thinking about people throwing up in my car, and yeah... I don't know if I can handle that (and kudos to those that can).

    State in the objective something along the lines of using your previous training and experience to embark on a new career as an individual contributor etc. and talk that up when you get interviewed. You can also bring up work/life balance.
  2. In Topic: Lock down Mafia?

    10 May 2020 - 08:28 PM

    View PostItwæs Nom, on 10 May 2020 - 07:02 PM, said:

    View PostJump Around, on 10 May 2020 - 05:28 PM, said:

    View PostBrujah, on 10 May 2020 - 12:34 PM, said:

    Using an alt is one of the staples of Malazan Mafia. This could be our last game. I humbly request we break out the old gems one last time. People vote by player identity, and I'm not just speaking of myself, instead of voting with their true feelings without the alts.

    I miss looking to find which Malazan Character I'll be given.

    May I ask, why would this be the last game?

    I haven't been around since about 2012, so I missed a lot of things.

    Mafia here has been in its death throes the last couple of years, we could hardly ever muster up enough players for even a mini, and the few games we managed to run were poor in activity

    The Mod thread list of games is up to date barring one or so games for anyone to check

    I believe these signups are a very unexpected turn of events for everyone involved

    That other non mafia game the forum has been playing hasn’t helped either. People just don’t have the bandwidth for both.
  3. In Topic: Lock down Mafia?

    10 May 2020 - 03:10 PM

    I’m for alts.
  4. In Topic: Malazan Pictionary Contest 2020

    01 May 2020 - 07:58 PM

    American Dirt
  5. In Topic: Malazan Pictionary Contest 2020

    01 May 2020 - 04:28 PM

    What happened?

    Damn you Cause for killing the game!!!


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  1. Photo

    Gust Hubb 

    07 Jul 2017 - 02:36
    Back! :apt:
  2. Photo


    08 Apr 2016 - 00:43
    Hey Bliss! How have you been?
  3. Photo

    Kanese S's 

    19 Dec 2015 - 06:59
  4. Photo


    24 Jul 2014 - 11:12
  5. Photo


    10 Nov 2013 - 15:44
  6. Photo


    20 Aug 2013 - 12:58
    please empty your inbox, Lady B. There's an alt waiting for you.
  7. Photo

    King Lear 

    01 Jan 2013 - 11:30
    Blissssyyyyyy I've missed youuuuuu!
  8. Photo


    22 Dec 2012 - 13:33
  9. Photo


    03 Jun 2012 - 07:20
  10. Photo


    25 May 2012 - 00:13
    Hey! Can't send you a message. Hubb invited me, I told him 'yes' but haven't heard back. Do I need to sign up or something ?
  11. Photo


    05 Apr 2012 - 09:52
    Did you die in a torando, Bliss?! Please don't die in a tornade. That would be sucky.
  12. Photo


    28 Mar 2012 - 23:12
    Bliss? Your... your name, it's... it's such a strange colour!
  13. Photo

    Studious Lock 

    04 Mar 2012 - 09:20
    sorry bliss, i feel asleep :P
  14. Photo


    28 Feb 2012 - 19:49
    hahah her name was Lorn Lostara Tavore,, today i was trying to teach her saying "Nevermore" but i dont have patience or she is a big idiot :P (joke)
  15. Photo


    28 Feb 2012 - 19:27
    hi bliss! :)
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