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  1. In Topic: Political Comedy starring Donald J. Trump & Co.

    02 October 2020 - 06:11 PM

    View PostMalankazooie, on 28 September 2020 - 03:52 PM, said:

    Posted Image

    I really don't understand why this would be surprising at all to anyone. Or how this would turn into a 'gotcha moment' Oh wow, a really rich guy has done everything he can legally and illegally alike to avoid taxes. I also find it odd how there isn't any reporting on what the IRS is going to do. Tell me the plan on how/when the IRS is going to nail him down like a bug and suck those funds out of him. God knows they're happy to do it to so many other citizens. Or is the government or IRS going to come out and admit, "shit there's nothing we can really do unless we change how we prosecute those who have violated tax laws"?

    Also, as far as some research into our politicians, can we do some income sourced hit jobs on the overwhelming number of senators and congressmen making bank while in office. Some investigation into the people who create and vote on the laws that dictate our country is consistently ignored in our country as we tend to center our focus on the one sitting in the oval office.

    For a week the news covered the rat bastards Burr, Inhoffe, Feinstein, and Loeffler and the way they dumped stocks knowing damned well how bad the COVID outbreak would be, yet from what I can tell government 'investigations' have ruled they were well within the bounds of their positions in office. This clearly shows those boundaries need to be changed so we have representatives in those positions trying to uphold or shift laws in the favor of their constituents, not creating loopholes for themselves to make money.
  2. In Topic: Ye Big Movie thread

    12 August 2020 - 12:02 PM

    Been on a bit of a horror kick lately.
    The Void (2017)

    Really an excellent horror journey for those looking for an other world/dimension essence trying to find a breach into our plane of existence.
    Acting was spot on, as well as the directing and storytelling. Well imagined plot line that covers a few hours of horror through the characters with nasty monsters and ephemeral cultists trying to summon this thing from beyond. Personally I really gravitate towards these kind of plots where the characters trying to fight their way out of the hellish nightmare have a tangible effect and fighting chance rather than being pinned down and tormented. Trailer does a pretty good job of depicting what it is, although as with most movies I watch these days I'd recommend just watching 30 sec of it to leave yourself in the dark and ride the film as it presents itself and see if its your kind of flick or not.
  3. In Topic: Ye Big Movie thread

    26 July 2020 - 09:06 PM

    View PostAptorian, on 24 July 2020 - 07:40 PM, said:

    I'm watching Terminator: Dark Fate. So far it's a great action film but it's lacking what ever elusive quality I associate with the first two films.

    It's at the same time too expensive looking and too cheaply filmed with those handheld, not quite shaky cams. It's too bright and clean. The CGI is too pretty if there's such a thing.

    I think I'm looking for something more raw. Something that looks as bad and dirty and poor as the 80s looked before they cleaned up Time's Square.

    This is filmed like a Disney Movie.

    Linda Hamilton is bitching though.

    Edit: Maybe it's not the film. Maybe it's me. I may have reached an age where everything was just better when I was young.

    Felt the same way about the cinematography, never fully pulled me in.

    Also, it kind of felt like the movie was written around certain set parameters:
    -Human who time travels and can kinda go 1v1 against new terminator
    -Airplane scene with a cyborg causing mayhem would be cool, stuff it in there plot wise
    -Bring back Sara
    -Bring back T-800
    Get those in there and lets get a movie trailer out!
  4. In Topic: Ye Big Movie thread

    29 June 2020 - 01:49 AM

    View PostHoosierDaddy, on 28 June 2020 - 04:09 AM, said:

    Watched Athlete A on Netflix about the Nassar/USA Gymnastics/USA Olympic Committee scandal broke by the Indy Star here in Indianapolis.

    I want to say I'm shocked, but I'm not really shocked at the nastiness involved here. It is just disgusting but all too believable to realize this is probably a pandemic in the sport and others like it.

    Go Indy Star. Nail the fuckers to the wall.

    You should check out Icarus on netflix about Olympic doping, really an amazing doc that starts out with one mission statement and mid-filming turns into something even more epic.
    Also, just watched Doctor Sleep the other night, directors cut. Really enjoyed it as someone who's only read a couple King novels and loved the Shining as a teenager. Going into it with little idea of the plot I was drawn in for the 3 hour ride. Well made movie and held me captivated with what the shine could evolve to.
  5. In Topic: The USA politics thread -

    30 May 2020 - 11:50 AM

    The two most blatant things in my mind need to change are:

    First being a deep look and restructuring of how police are held accountable for violent actions made during an encounter. If someone is killed or injured during an arrest there needs to be far quicker and severe reaction towards it. That doesn't mean go on home Badge #4564 while we take a look-see. Rather it needs to be conducted far more closely to any other citizens arrest.
    Second, police and citizen rights really need to be taught in the education system. There are no classes taught to young adults describing where the lines are. Instead its left to anecdotes and general rules. I would imagine that knowing your rights and having a clear understanding of what the police are lawfully capable of doing in a situation would force the police to adhere to what powers they possess when donning the badge rather than just telling people to shut the fuck up and do as they say with a big "or else".

    Personally I've never had many dealings with the law, having lived a fairly reclusive lifestyle, however I sure a shit don't have an answer to many of those rights that I may or may not have. I would imagine quite a few people feel this way which in turn leads to an unsettling power dynamic. How I might stick up for myself is severely compromised when someone in an authoritative position is telling me what to do with a gun on their hip. This leads to fear, panic, anger and all around bad decisions.


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