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  1. In Topic: Subterranean Press lettered/limited - Buying/Selling

    09 September 2021 - 12:07 PM

    tiste said:

    1626996862[/url]' post='1439782']
    2nd limited edition incoming!

    William Schafer

    So: I signed contracts today to reprint GARDENS OF THE MOON and DEADHOUSE GATES.
    These editions will be signed (though not numbered) and feature the art (where it can be negotiated) from our limited editions.
    There will be some differences, as the author has requested some specific binding features and details.
    More news as and when…

    Me too would love to know more. Thanks

  2. In Topic: The Witness Trilogy right after MBtoF?

    22 August 2021 - 10:17 PM

    Honestly you can do The God is not Willing straight after the MBotF, not much correlation to the other books or very very little. So go ahead and you can get involved in forums and discussions. One thing I’d recommend is reread Karsa’s bit in the first part of House of Chains, the bit involving the Treblor in the prologue of TtH and Karsa’s involvement in the convergence in Darujhistan in the same book until he gets the visit.As others have said also read ICE’s books and then the Kharanas trilogy would be great but you have time for that and would make sense to do when Walk in Shadow comes out so you can go through them straight.
  3. In Topic: The God is not Willing random discussion SPOILERS

    22 August 2021 - 09:42 AM

    Finished the book yesterday. Wow just Wow! Absolutely loved it. Was going to take my time reading it but after the first 5 chapters or so couldn't put it down. Had a main session from 9.30 in the evening till 5.15 in the morning lol. Luckily it was a friday night. SE you're brilliant please keep them coming I beg you!Had everything we've come to love, gripping story, immersive experience, excellent charactarisations, humor / tear jerking, poignant themes etc. Only slight negative is with the Anomander Rake part. His was such a huge sacrifice that to bring him back in a cameo like this severely undermines the emotional investment we made at the time. That's just me but I suppose we'll need to see if he develops that story further. Need to do a re-read now. Just a quick question though, Sathal is another of Karsa's daughters (red hair blue eyes if I remember correctly) any idea where she came from? Can't for the life of me remember another woman Karsa was "involved" with. Samar Dev maybe???
  4. In Topic: Book Review: The God is Not Willing by Steven Erikson

    12 June 2021 - 09:59 AM

    Thanks for the review Wert. Really stoked for this ( as with all Erikson’s novels) already put my pre-order in!


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