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  1. In Topic: Amazon's new Lord of the Rings TV series

    30 September 2022 - 01:30 PM

    It appears that this season is building up to showing that Sauron was manipulating things behind the scenes the whole time (Numenor and Pharazon, Celebrimbor and that mithril story). Which lines up with what I remember of the lore. Basically the Elves and Numenoreans thought too highly of themselves, Sauron took advantage of that, and led to all the disasters of the late Second Age. They need to have a bit of a slow build up to that. While some of the writers' decisions have been weird, I like the overall story and where it is going, and think it could get really good if the writers polish some things up for furture seasons.
  2. In Topic: Amazon's new Lord of the Rings TV series

    25 September 2022 - 05:49 PM

    I am quite enjoying it so far (far more than WoT or any other fantasy I've watched recently). I know enough of the backstory that I am enjoying seeing how they fill in the pieces to try and tell it, but I don't know the backstory well enough to care if they change it much or get it wrong. It's not as good as the LOTR movies, but definitely better than The Hobbit.

    I'm stlll enjoying every storyline except the Harfoots, still not sure what purpose they serve. I like that they have given a way for explain why the elves seem to be rushing for the Rings (at least the reason they think they need it, and slowly working on how the Eregion Elves and Moria Dwarves were an exception to the general Elves and Dwarves mistrust/hate each other. I am enjoying seeing some of the squabbling in Numenor to set up that eventual fall. At this point I am expecting Season 1 to end with a Loss for the Good Guys (Elves and Men mostly) basically as just returns for many of the poor and arrogant decisions made so far.
  3. In Topic: Amazon's new Lord of the Rings TV series

    12 September 2022 - 04:11 PM

    I enjoyed that episode a lot more than the first two! I think I am starting to see where it is going with Sauron corrupting Numenor and Celebrimbor, then bringing about the war that ended the Second Age. I am looking forward to how they do all of this, as right now it actually seems a bit rushed to me based on where they're at in the timeline.

    I'm still zoning out on the Harfoot storyline, don't really care for it. Based on where the other characters are, the Stranger may be a new character? I don't think the Sauron imagery fits (unless its not at the same time at the other threads).
  4. In Topic: Horizon II Forbidden West

    01 September 2022 - 03:22 PM

    I hope Guerilla reads the critiques of HFW and de-bloats for the third game. There is just a bit too much going on in this one.

    I don't like the melee in HFW, I know it wasn't great in HZD, but this isn't a melee game, its a back up system if stuff gets too close. I think they should go back to the simpler/boring system from HZD. I have never been good at combo games, so I just avoid melee and shoot things.

    I think the Hunter's Lodges in the first game were interesting, and they taught me how to play the game better (by looking up how to win on YouTube...). I HFW they seem too easy, and the Arena is not really a good substitute, forcing weapons out of my playstyle for tough fights makes it really hard (vs HZD lodges focusing on one weapon type at a time).

    I absolutely loved it when I played through, the world and characters are still great, but there's just a little too much. I'll have to see what I think on a second playthrough.
  5. In Topic: Amazon's new Lord of the Rings TV series

    01 September 2022 - 03:12 PM

    View PostMacros, on 31 August 2022 - 07:45 PM, said:

    I feel like the internet has just made certain type people feel like they have to brutally critique everything, regardless of any actual investment in the IP.

    I think the negativity bias of the internet makes people want to be negative because it gets more attention. And the bigger the IP, the more attention for being negative. I get the impression that many Tolkein/LOTR fans *want* this to be a disaster, and are actively hoping it will fail. I don't really get that, except for the idea that setting low expectations may make it more enjoyable.

    I'm looking forward to it, but am not reading any reviews since they do seem to be all over the map. I will be coming here for reasonable takes.


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