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  1. In Topic: Most Devastating Moment

    30 October 2019 - 01:30 AM

    For some reason Kulps death really stuck with me. So sudden and brutal. He had no chance against Gryllen. On my first read through I was convinced Kulp would return in some form.
  2. In Topic: The Errant

    30 September 2019 - 07:48 AM

    On who the errant is. My simple version is the errant has two main features. Donít know about ancestry Iíll leave that to more knowledgeable readers.

    1. Elder god / ascendant
    - Elder god who chose to be present in the mortal realm rather than become krul or one of the forgotten names
    - Similar to Mael and Bugg but not the same. Mael has retained his power and can travel anywhere. Errant is constrained to letheras.
    - similar to Krul as he lost power through dwindling worship
    - jealous of Mael receiving endless power through blood and sacrifice and prayer from mortals
    - oponn is the obvious similarity but I think oponn deals in luck and leaves people to their deeds. Oponn have no real plan theyíre just dicks causing mayhem. (Crokus, corabb, hellian) whereas the errant subtly nudges people to do things he wants done. Contributing to his wider plans as below.
    - if not an elder god at the very least a powerful ascendant

    2. Master of the tiles
    - counterpart to ganoes paran master of the deck
    - uses this position to develop and implement his schemes

    Personally I think paran is his closest comparison. Those in power in the past must have appointed the errant as master of the tiles. This is probably now seen as a mistake as the errant has abused this position to further his own schemes through the millennia. Appointing a mostly neutral mortal as master of the deck means there is more free thinking overlooking the whole power structure and better decisions are made as evidenced by the conclusion of TCG. Paran also nudges and controls the overall plan, no luck involved.


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