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  1. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C - Chat Thread

    Today, 03:22 AM

    Khellendros said:

    1574036567[/url]' post='1389401']
    And if you meant 7/8, Jazz said he was abstaining from voting this round (if that's the one you're missing).

    Wasn't me who said that. I've sent my votes in already. Not that they will make a difference.
  2. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C - Game Thread

    Yesterday, 10:40 PM

    Posted Image

    Trade Creuss IFF for Gift of Prescience with Naalu.


    Victory Points: 2

    Strategy Card:
    Command Pools: 1T | 3F | 1S
    Goods: 0/2 C | 3 TG
    Action Cards: 6
    Promissory Notes: 5 L1Z1X,1 NAALU
    Secret Objectives: 0 fulfilled | 2 unfulfilled

    + 0.0.0 (5/0)
    + Abyz (3/0)
    + Fria (2/0)
    + Dal Bootha (0/2)
    + Xehan (1/1)
    + Lodd Eru (3/0 R)

    + Neural Motivator - During the status phase, draw 2 action cards instead of 1.
    + Hyper Metabolism -- During the status phase, gain 3 command tokens instead of 2.
    + Plasma Scoring -- When 1 or more of your units use BOMBARDMENT or SPACE CANNON, 1 of those rolls may roll 1 additional die.
    + Antimass Deflectors -- Your ships can move into and through asteroid fields. When other players' units use SPACE CANNON against your units, apply -1 to the result of each die roll.
    + Gravity Drive -- After you activate a system, apply +1 to the move value of 1 of your ships during this tactical action.
    + Sarween Tools -- When 1 or more of your units use PRODUCTION, reduce the combined cost of the produced units by 1.
    + Super-Dreadnought II -- Upgrades your Super-Dreadnought blueprints into Super-Dreadnought II
  3. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C - Chat Thread

    Yesterday, 10:37 PM


    Jazz , thank you . This is the best possible deal . As then I can let Nekro escape, close the wormhole afterwards .Am I in the correct assumption that you will use gift next round.

    We're agreed, then. I will use it next round.
  4. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C - Chat Thread

    Yesterday, 07:01 PM

    ToasTer86 said:

    1573978110[/url]' post='1389348']
    Unless someone is willing to straight up pay me for gift of the Presience I will just keep it close.
    As I feel things will just have to play out as they do.
    I can't pay or influence you all to do what I want.

    And if the table , the southern part, (@jazz) wants Nekro to have the first racial tech and crystal fighters then leave the wormhole open.

    D'rek did not invade, without a deal with me , just so she could be friendly, so I will let her get away first.

    @ the table I abstained on both agendas as my votes were worthless anyhow. And no one wanted to pay me.

    The theme here is I am trying to be neutral to all.

    First you 'really want that wormhole gone', now you won't pay me to move it and hope I'll move it out of... What, the kindness of my coldsteel heart? The fear Nekro gets slightly better fighters, even though they don't neighbor me? (Never mind that once they have Null Field and HCF2, they can't then also get my racial dreads, so I can rest a little easier at night.)

    If you want that wormhole gone, Prescience is my price. Else I'll hold onto it until I can use it for something useful or someone will make me a good offer to use it. I don't mind the point leader's slice being more accessible to anyone in the meantime.

    I'll trade IFF for Prescience, straight up. You get to decide when and where the wormhole moves. That's my final offer.
  5. In Topic: TI4 Game 4C - Chat Thread

    Yesterday, 03:58 AM

    Oh very well, I don't *have* to move the wormhole first action. I just thought it would be fun to point out the option. Y'all are surprisingly content to let a Nekro trample through your systems unopposed. But I suppose they're your systems to handle as you like.

    @Nom I'd like some clarification whose proposal you're considering. We've been friendly neighbors and making deals so far, but if you're gonna help someone attack me I'll treat you as if you made the attack yourself. I'd really rather avoid a Null Field Nekro, and what good is Antivirus to you? I understand Speaker token is not something I can 100% guarantee you, but it's pretty likely Politics makes it to me. Would you use your political clout to choose Lodd Eru as the recipient of Core Mining instead, and in addition to Speaker I'll pay 2tg's?
    Edit: Oh, Yin is getting Antivirus? What are you getting out of it then?

    @Toaster yay or nay to the Prescience for WH-moving deal? It's your call whether to allow the Nekro to leave first.

    @D'rek We've been having a lot of words but so far that's all they have been. If my other deals fall through I'd sell you the Iff straight up for 3tg's. All but guaranteeing the safety of your flagship and giving you more attack options in the future. Or are we past negotiating?


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