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  1. Just finished The Bonehunters.....Some Questions

    04 January 2019 - 04:09 PM

    I just finished my first read of The Bonehunters .The series just gets better with each book.As always the last 1/3rd of the book was breathtaking.Here are some questions. (If there are spoilers please comment RAFO) :
    1. Has Dassem Ultor ascended to become Dessembrae (The Lord of Tears) ? I think it is mentioned somewhere in TB but not sure.
    2. There an ascendent mentioned in the glossary-Grizzin Farl. He doesn't have any role in TB. Do we get to see him in the following books ?
    3. How is Icarium so powerful ? It takes an primitive spirit goddess (I think that is what Eres'al is) to stop him from slaughtering everyone who comes across his path.
    4. Are all warrens physical worlds like Kurald Emurlahn or the Warren of Shadow where Shadowthrone lives ? Both are same btw.
    5. What should I read next - TRoTCG or RG ?

    Some afterthoughts :
    1. Cotillion is a badass. He is one of my favourite character along with Karsa,Paran and Apsalar .
    2. I am really excited to know more about Traveller. I think I will like him.


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