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Spanish Interview with Steve Possible adaptation of Malazan to TV

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  • very good...;)

Posted 01 December 2023 - 01:25 PM

How many fucking people do I have to hammer in order to get that across.
Hinter - Vengy - DIE. I trusted you you bastard!!!!!!!

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Posted 01 December 2023 - 08:16 PM

Ai caramba!

Desafortunadamente tengo poco Español. :(

(Soy consciente de la ironía.)

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Posted 01 December 2023 - 09:51 PM

AI to the rescue as always (and forever after more and more happily ay):


The most immediate thing is to confirm that Erikson is very close to finishing the writing of the second book of the Trilogy of Witnesses. [...] he hopes that No Life Forsaken (the working title of the book that continues the story of An Unforgiving God) will be
finished by the end of this year.

As he confessed to me [...] this process has taken longer than he expected because during the writing he found himself with basically two different books that he had to merge into a single novel, so he is currently still restructuring and rewriting[...]

[...] he is ready to launch the conclusion of the Kharakanas trilogy with the long-awaited writing of Walk in Shadow, which in his words will be "a very, very big book."

[...] his book on writing will be complete by spring 2024, although he still doesn't know when it will be published [...]
[...] Erikson confirmed that he has been in "conversations" for some time about a possible adaptation of the saga of Malaz. The Canadian author did not want to give moredetails about it, because it is something that is not yet closed and that the recent Hollywood strike had put on 'standby', but it seems that progress is being made in some kind of agreement. [...] in recent years there has already been a very close agreement to bring the saga to the screen, but for various reasons this has not ended up coming to fruition, as | tell you in more detail here.

You can watch Erikson's full talk [...] in the video below, although only in English

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