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What's bringing the bittersweet? For those messed up grooves that are somehow still making happy

#81 User is offline   Azath Vitr (D'ivers 

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Posted 16 November 2022 - 08:50 PM

'Philly area has highest percentage of cat owners in U.S.

And pet owners prefer to give animals human names'

Philly area households have a higher percentage of cat ownership than largest metro areas

And I alone sit catless here;
Their very memory is fluffy and bright,
And my sad thoughts doth rear.

It purrs and pounces in my cloudy head,
Like stars upon some chugging hole,
Or those faint beams in which this shit is drest,
After the sun's turned mole.

I see them chomping in an air of glory,
Whose fluff doth trample on my days:
My days, which are at best but dull and hoary,
Mere glimmering and decays.

They are all Gone into the World of Floof by…

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#82 User is offline   TheRetiredBridgeburner 

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Posted 23 November 2022 - 02:37 PM

Got a completion date for my flat, it'll be sold just in time for Christmas.

Brilliant on one hand because oh my word has this dragged on since June, and it makes me and Mr Not a Blacksmith a step closer to buying our first home together.... but even though I haven't lived there since February it's very real now that I won't own the little me cave that meant so much to me while I was putting myself back together, and that has a whole bunch of complicated emotions to go along with it. I suspect a weird mixture of celebration and meltdown is in my future!
- Wyrd bið ful aræd -

#83 User is online   Tsundoku 

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Posted 06 December 2022 - 05:41 AM

Ah geez, I think i have something in my eye ...

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