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I am interested in Gnosticism, Hermes Tresmagistos(And thus Thoth,and the pyramids across the world, the father of understanding, Baphomet, which is an epithet of Thoth) , magic, Ancient Sumeria, The halls of records(yucatan, Bahamas, Giza) the Rosicrucians, Templars, Freemasons, ancient sites of power, laylines, strange phonomena, invisible attackers, the one who created humans(Enki) .The ancient civilizations(As well as Sumeria) and the Byzantine empire.

Books i have include; Malazan book of the fallen series; ooks by David Eddings(Belgariad, Malloreon, Elenium, Tamul, redemption of Althalus, the Elder gods series), Hall of the gods, majestic, most brizarre strange but true, world famous strange but true, decipher, the elixir and the stone, rediscovery of man, the best of michael moorcock(and most of the eternal champion books- those of Hawkmoon, Elric, Erekose, Corum etc), , the distant suns, gateway to oblivion, beneath the pyramids, the secrets of the lost races, the day the gods died, chariots of the gods, supernatural britain, the book of lost worlds, secret wisdom, all and everything, time storms, the third eye, name of the beast, the complete prophecies of nostradamus, life between life, egyptology, the age of ra, the afterlife, in search of the knights templar, the earth chronicles, the sword and the grail, the secret scroll, the secret history of the knights templar, The medusa amulet, The flesh & bone trilogy, A song of ice and fire series(up to a dance with dragons so far, waiting for next book to come out). A large number of other books as well.

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