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resolutions, 2024 edition.

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Posted 03 January 2024 - 11:51 PM

So, let's not clog up the doomposting thread. I'm actually feeling comparatively upbeat, b/c I've been climbing out of the rut that was most of 2023. The burnout from the war-related news/adrenaline, combined with the gutpunch of my grandmother passing away, and then the adjustment of having my last grandfather come live with us meant that I was content to slink away to the beachhouse for a big part of the year and recuperate in solitude, feeling like a hermit. However, towards the end of the year I've snapped that mentality (as elucidated earlier in the Happy thread), and since i'm burnt out of feeling down, I am willing to look at the world with unreasonable optimism. And that means, plans and goals.

I'm still planning to spend a big portion of the year away at the lake, given I can work from home anywhere, and beach & swimming is basically ideal for my psyche. However, other things need to happen to make life more varied, and to be dealing with all aspects of life.

1) Health: get back to optimal weight (83-87 kg) by April.
2) Leisure: select a new bike to buy by April
3) Leisure: Follow the lists for books and gaming (see respective threads)
4) Social: make sure to meet up with the friends left around the GTA at least once a month. With one of my best friends and neighbout moving to Ottawa last summer, I now find myself in a position of having to organize meetups
5) Leisure: random goal for the year is to git gud at darts. We've bought a fancy darts board one of the first years we came to Canada on a Garage sale, and it's always been my white whale, with my mom insisting we don't have a good place to hang it. With a brand new house and an un-finished basement, we now definitely have a place.
6) Social: while I am in town, regularly attend trivia club
7) Leisure" figure out a place to play pool by the lake
8) health: continue playing indoor soccer. Figure out if there's an outdoor league by the lake
9) personal: Set up a drive exam date by my birthday. It's annoying, but I need to rip off the bandaid and get my license.
10) social: spend January reaching out to friends and family. With people that respond, make sure to talk to them at least once every 2 months.
11) Financial: Generally, the year that just ended was pretty decent, all things considered. Due to a bonus from work, I've ended the year with much higher balance than I've had in the past few. The goal is to float at least 7-9k balance at each quarter.
12) personal: need to work on sleep habits. Shut the PCs no later than 12:30 on worknights.
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