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First read thoughts/questions

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Posted 15 May 2019 - 08:00 PM

So, I just finished this book. I have kind of mixed feelings to be honest. When it's good, it's REALLY good, but there are times that it is pretty mediocre, the pacing suffers consistently... I think the main problem thouh is the fact that it is too packed. I mean, there are way too many characters and plotlines to follow, and that results on some of them not being given the attention they deserve. We barely follow the 14ths (is it the 14th? I really don't have the inclination to fact check atm) journey, we get far too little from Tavore, Kalam and Apsalar/Cutter, Icarium and Mappo make just a cameo(!) and my favourite character (Felisin) doesn't get the time to shine, even as Shai'k and the same goes for Heboric. Finally, the politics in Shaik's camp could have so much more detail. In my opinion, this book should be split in two, one with Karsa's (and maybe Trull's and Onrack's) journey and the other with all the other stories and the final convergence.

Karsa is amazing though, and the writing falls between DG and MoI in my opinion (I really think that Seven Cities is a much more interesting setting than Genabackis, and that gives Erikson the opportunity to write better prose). Still, the book may be better than GotM, but has way too many shortcomings to come close to DG and MoI.

I also have some questions (I suspect that the most important ones willbe answered in due tome, so I will just ask some minors one). First, what was the task Cotillion set to Lostara? Was it hinted at some point? Because we learn about Kalam's and and Apsalar's and Cutter's tasks, but of Lostara's I feel we learn nothing. Also, what was the purpose of the Azalan demons being let loose in Seven Cities (through the diamonds that Kalam used to buy his two knives)? I am also not really sure about Febryl's plan. Was his goal just to help Dom and then requesting from him that he gives Seven Cities their independence? Or was there something more and I missed it? Finally, how was the Adjunct able to assume that Dom would betray Shai'k? Was there a secret deal? Although we know that Tavore was working with the Talons, I doubt it, because as hard as she is, I don't think that she would let Dom slaughter Coltaine's army and Aren's garrison. Also, there were mentions of Hood himself coming to Raraku, we see the Talons worshipping Hood and we know Baudin was a Talon and is know Knight of Death. Could the Talons be working for Hood himself? That's a pretty wild guess, but it kinda makes sense. I don't really see how Hood would be benefited by Dom's plan though. Maybe by ruling the Malazan Empire behind the scene?

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