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Al's Journey Through The Frogs An untitled short story I found

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Posted 04 December 2015 - 06:20 PM

I found this untitled short story (I made up the title of this thread) while looking through some old fantasy mailing lists. It deserves some appreciation:


When alabaster frogs, of a size proportionate to the fabled griffin, lept through the fluidic entropic membrane, Alekin turned, tearing open his balok and drawing forth his blade of pure ebonic steel, sucking in all photonic matter that it touched. The lead frog inhaled greatly, stretching to its full inflated size. Now towering over Alekin and his troupe of thirty-seven loyal companions, the frog triggered its exhalesplosion sequence. As explosive energies danced just beneath its clingwrap-transparent skin, microbial stores of potentially destructive force swarmed to follow them. Sensing inclement danger, Alekin gently touched his ebullient lips to the Alaskan cold of his blade, which would have permanently drained the color from them if that had not already occurred what seems like eons ago, then hoisted it above his head and javelined it with all his might at the mighty white amphibian. Microns before the blade penetrated the taut clear skin that covered the white gelatinous layer of fat, the microbial ammo depots caught up to the bolts of electricity — the brain of the frog, unconsciously and instinctively sensing the imminent explosion, untethered itself from the headcasing and drilled upward, upward, upward...freedom. The brain's rear boosters ignited, launching the mind upward to freedom, while simultaneously adding to the entropy of the now exploding body. At the same time, the sword made contact with the exploding flesh, drawing all the violent energies inward, inward, inward...chaining them in the absolute, time-stopping cold of its core.

Frosted fragments of frog flesh and viscera pattered down upon the ground, some striking Alekin and his troupe. Alekin strode forward and bent to retrieve his blade, then sheathed it smoothly, its unmottled surface pulsing enhanced darkness. He surveyed the remaining pearlescent frogs.


And they leapt through the portal, not wanting to be left alone with Alekin. He turned to his loyal band and gave them his copyrighted smirk.

"Let's see what new type of frog this twisted chain of fraught demesnes has to throw at us," he exhorted, as he strolled toward his group, then through them, then past them, onward, onward, onward...

:p :) :unsure: ;) ;) :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

Alekin's "ebonic" (lol) blade was clearly inspired by Dragnipur, right?

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