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Unofficial: Phantom Wind

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Posted 08 July 2015 - 05:51 PM

Since Ando and Maark have posted bits of their stuff I wanted to throw mine in as well. It was written about 5 yrs ago and I havent touched, edited, etc since so its very rough. Its also pretty long for a post so sorry for that. I tried to find a stopping point before the segment brake but I could nt get a good one so I just am going to put the entire segment here. Its got adult lang and sex so if you dont like that stuff then stop reading here please. Thoughts good and bad are welcome. I may start writing on this again soon as my kids will not be living with me this school yr. Ed: ok for some reason it pasted and stuck words together in random spots. Just letting people know it seems to be in here only for some reason. I've fixed a lot but I'm on my phone and it's hard. Sorry


It was an especially cold night inthe capital. Huge towers soared skyward. Most of the towers were outlined with largeclear tubes filled with a substance called lamp-fluid which interacted and absorbed the sun in daylight hours to produce light during the night. The lamp-fluid can be manipulated to a rainbow of colors. Brilliant greens andblues shine along with pulsing reds and orange lamp-fluid filled tubes. The colors blaze out in a brilliant radius of beckoning light.

With a city this large there were no shortages of people out even at this time of the night. Cloak hooded man were talking to whores on the corners or in alleyways. Imperial guardsman roamed the streets sometimes accepting a whores bribe of a blowjob or quick fuck if they would pretend to look away. A population of over three and a half million people ensured that this city would never go to sleep. It was just the type of environment that Cameron loved to bein.

Six members of his organization walked alongside him while another ten shadowed them. People knew his face very well, some for the better, but most for the worst. Even if you were a dimwit lacking sufficient brainpower to lift a spoon to your mouth,you knew better then to upset or cross Cameron. Apparently the owner of the Rowdy Times bar was in that class ofdumbasses.

The owner, Oris had thought to usurphis command as Boss from every criminal, whore, and just general low life in the city and beyond. A surprise was about to descend on poor Oris instead of the happy news he was expecting. The thought of that brought a smile to his face, one the unfortunate people who earned it really hated to have turned on them.

Rounding the corner of the alley on which they walked, Rowdy Times came into view to greet them. Outside, the bar looked a completeshambles. A two story building painted a rather dirty off-white color gave the place character. Window shutters were either missing or crooked hanging. Along the walkway one of the supporting columns was knocked out and it was perched at an odd angle leaving the roof of the walkway hanging down. Wooden planks in the entry floor way were missing here and there. Dirt was caked on the building with fingertrails every so often clearing away the dust build up. Broken glass and table chairs were stuffed ina corner trash pile. For someone unaccustomed to Rowdy Times the mere sight of the outside was enough to make almost anyone turn in the other direction to seek new entertainment. The outside appearance was all a joke toOris. He claimed that the outside perfectly reflected the bar’s name.

“How are we going to do this?” His partner, Wilmington,wanted to know.

“We’ll just play the game and seewhat happens. We both know what outcome needs to happen tonight so make it.” Cameron said in his hypnotic tone of voice.

Hand gesturers flowed smoothly fromCameron. His ten shadows one by one started to appear, and began entering the bar. They went inside singly or doubly so as not to draw attention to thedoors.

All of them where fairly young men from the Kingdom of Sincell. Oris wouldn’t know their faces which was thepoint of hiring them from Sincell in the first place. As the last Sincellianentered Cameron began counting off around five and half minutes silently. Wilmingtonhad great knowledge of the bar and had formulated a plan for the new hirelings. Each one or pair of them had a specific place to await their employers’ arrival.

“Time to play boys. What are the odds on if Oris shits himself when he sees me Wilmington?”

Chuckling to himself Wilmington replied, “You already know the answer to that one Boss. A nice, fat purse will be waiting for you I am sure. You will be able to fuck two whores a night on Jai-side for a week off the profit!”

“All the more reason to see that Oriscomplies tonight. You might get lucky enough to have me pay one of those nights for you!” Cameron said, making Wilmington beam his crooked teeth with delight. “Let yourselves in men and lets go greet our would be assassin!”

Cameron himself was the first of them to enter the door. The inside was pristine, red oak flooring and ceiling planks shown with a bright waxy gleam. Numerous animal heads and fish were stuffed on the walls for all to see.

His entry was flashy to say the least. Using his hereditary ability to manipulate the sound of his voice, a bare whisper of sound, he launched intothe air with a small sonic thump and leaving a half-spherical blue and white wave of light where his feet had been. Within a second or so the light wave burst into thousands of small ice crystals to scatter on the floor at Wilmington’s feet.

The jump arced him straight overmultiple tables and patrons alike, many of them gasping in shock. When Cameron landed, he did so right behind the bar next to one recently shit on himself, Oris.

With a grip like iron, Cameron turned Oris around to face him. There where not that many people who could stare back at those eyes and not flinch away. His irises were orange like everyone else ofhis bloodline. The bloodline ofEmperors and Empresses five thousand years back. All the way back to the first conqueror ofwhat was now the Arkanna Empire, Galton Callinon, who is now known as, TheWind, God of every citizen of the Empire.

“May The Wind favor and protect me!”Oris cried out in a loud shaky voice. His pristine clothing of blue and white silk was now marred by a growing brown stain on his ass, and a stingy yellow one going down his front right leg.

“You tried to have me poisonedOris. I would like to know why. You know this city is mine! If I were to disappear then so too would this extensive network I set up Empire wide would vanish! Nobody would profit from that while all you shit for brains rebuilt a fraction back up of my organization. So why try and do this?” Cameron demanded gripping Oris tighter with every sentence.

Face turning red from the pain Orisopened his mouth to speak. “I wan—“

“STAND ASIDE! In the name of the Prince Heir, stand aside!”Oris was interrupted.

What in the hell was this now? All eyes where on the two figures standing in the doorway. Both men were tall andthick of build. Orange irises made each of them eerie looking and intimidating. They where brothers plain as day. Each of them wore a white stain free robe that fell about an inch shy of touching the floor. A thin orange stripe ran from both shoulders making a “T” with a slightly thicker stripe running allthe way down the front of their robes. An Orange belt with a orange sheath containing an elegantly handled long sword graced both of their waists. The long dark haired brothers were of the lowest rank in the Empire’s elite force. They were Kure-Sa. Cameron had never before seen these two.

The oldest one raised a finger andpointed toward Cameron. “You have been particularly hard to find this night. We Have an Imperial order to see you brought to the palace with all haste. So put that man down and walk with us,bastard.”

Several daggers appeared in Cameron’smen’s hands camped about the bar at the mention of the word bastard. Cameron himself gripped poor Oris even tighter than he had meant to. The tavern owner made an especially ugly face grunting in pain. It was common knowledge Empire wide that he was indeed a bastard offspring of the current emperor. To have it thrown in his face like that however made him angrier than he had ever been in his life.

He set Oris down, not to gently,earning yet more grunts of pain. Gesturing with a quick wave of his hand, all men put down their weapons. Cameron was mad, and he was going to let these two Kure-Sa know it.

“The Prince Heir has sent you two little fucks out to find me? Well then,we may have a small problem, as you can see, I am in the middle of doing something, so why don’t you go walking back to the palace and tell him that Isaid to kiss my ass and tickle my left nut, and that I am not coming. Do you have all that? Was I speaking slowly enough for you two to understand what I was saying?” Laughter erupted around the tavern as Cameron finished crossing his arms and squaring upto the two Kure-Sa.

The older of the two brothers took the bait and began walking toward Cameron with the look and promise of an exciting duel. The younger brother however, kept a much cooler head and intercepted his brother as he began to raise his hand to point at Cameron. “Are you mad? By all accounts I am going tothra—“ Pushing him back he said, “My brother Tristan means to say, good sir,that he meant no insult calling you that , and that he has no manners whatsoever,”

The laughter doubled, and Cam joined his chuckles in it as well. Cameron ran his right hand through his short blonde hair while, Tristan looked at the laughing men with a sneer that would have sent any sane man running if Cameron was not there to counter them. Finally, Tristan looked to his younger brother, straightening his white and orange robe and nodded. “Cullen is right, I meant no offense to you,and I humbly request your pardon.” He sounded quite genuine even though his glanced looked ready to kill every man that had just stopped laughing.

Nodding himself, Cam stood to his full height of six and half feet. His black silk shirt and pants with a white right sided shoulder cape flowing down to six inches off the floor made him appear regal (so he had been told once or twice). “Accepted,boy.” Wilmington walked up to his left side. Turning to the man Cam placed a hand on his shoulder to draw him in closer. “Take Oris back to the mansion and make surehe is still alive and conscious when I get back. Keep the hired hands around a bit longer to,and find out if any want to make a fresh start with a new family down here in the city permanently.”

“I’ll make sure that they reach that decision you can be sure.” Wilmington replied. He grabbed Oris by the hair on his head andyanked him toward the door. Wilmington was a brute of a man himself so he jerked the barkeep around with ease. Everyone feared Wilmington; his appearance alone fueled this emotion in many people. At close toseven feet tall and four hundred pounds of human being, most intelligent humans gave him space. “He may have just a few new bruises on him when you getback. I’ll try and control the men while your gone Cam.” He spit on the floor as he passed through thedoor. Boots stomping and Oris’s grunting faded away.

As the last hired hand and patron alike exited the tavern Cam reached up to atop shelf and grabbed a small dark blue bottle with a white rose blown into the glass. It was a vintage from a local winemaker in the city that was praised as the best maker of wine in the past 700years. In other words, it was fuckingexpensive what he held in his hands. Very expensive. On his way out from behind to bar he swipedthree wine glasses from the drying rack and headed to a table in the middle ofthe empty building.

Cullen and Tristan both remained quiet and motionless as Cameron went about his business of getting the bottle and glasses as if he had forgotten that the two Kure-Sa were even there. Some of the elders’ impatience and anger began to show back on his face while a smile and a chuckle was bubbling up fromthe younger as Cam plopped down in a seat with his back to the wall and his front facing the front door. “Sit down, have a drink and enlighten me boys.” He said to the pair.

As the two brothers sat on his leftand right sides, the expensive Virear (named after the wine maker’s last name)wine quickly filled the three wineglasses. Cam was the first to sip his drink, as he rolled his tongue inside his mouth taking in the sweet and potent Virear he moaned in awe of it. The two Kure-Safollowed suit.

Tristan, after he finished with hisfirst gulp nodded his head and smiled. However as soon as his glass hit the table his look of loathing ofCameron settled back on his young face. “You do realize that we were sent by the Prince-Heir to escort you immediately back to the Imperial Palace? We have no time to waste, even for this exquisite Virear.” Cam actually noted a dismayed sound in his voice as Tristan’s orange eyes locked onto the liquid in his glass he just put down.

“My brother is correct Sir. I say we take that bottle with us though.” Cullen said with an amusingly sly look on hisface.

Chuckling to the younger Kure-Sa’sremark Cameron spoke. “I’ll give you the bottle, Young Blood, if you tell me why in the fuck that ass of a half brother of mine sent you two to collect me? Ihaven’t been to the palace in ten years now, and haven’t seen him in at least seven. So, why now, what does he want?”

Tristan, “We do not know precisely what the Prince-Heir wants you for, Sir. I would take a guess that it has something to do with your, um, father, The Emperor. I’m sure you have heard to rumors in the city that he is ill? Well I will confirm them for you, it’s true.”

Stunned silence from Cameron. After all this indeed was rare news these two young ones were telling him. For adescendent of The Wind to catch a disease had only happened a few times inImperial history. Those cases of disease had cleared up within a matter of hours after the symptoms first appeared. Shocking news indeed and it was worth investigating for sure. He took another sip of the dark blue wine and ran his hand through his blonde hair. “Is he now?” barely more than a whisper. “Let’s go then, take the bottle for yourself young Cullen. I have plenty of them at home.” They left the bar with a quickstep in their strides to three waiting horses and an Imperial escort the nextblock over.

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