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Posted 05 January 2010 - 09:34 AM

what do we think about origin myths?

We have the 'Nothing preceded Darkness' assertion from the Andii and no objection from the Liosan when they briefly touch on origins in HoC

Also, one of the chained dragons in BH says something like ' even when Darkness ruled alone, there were elemental forces' and 'it is the nature of Darkness that it but rules itself'

Starvald demelain is consistently referred to as 'the First Warren'- easy to imagine the Elient as the first life, born out of Chaos itself, with some becoming the Elder Gods.

K'rul's intervention seems to occur in the aftermath of the Birth of Light but Cotillion says that K'rul didn't create the Elder Warrens so what use human warrens with no humans? Or maybe he did create the Elder Warrens, aside from KG and SD

Letherii origin myth - pseudo-scientific - the realm Forgers (Dolmen/Earth + Fire/Sun + the Errant's nudge to put Earth in the correct relationship with the Sun to allow life to flourish)

so I think I favour Eleint first with MD and Tiamatha the first to carve out realms for themselves within Chaos - Draconus, an Eleint, infiltrates KG, becomes Consort of dark, etc.

Meanwhile other Elder Gods are floating around with no realm of their own, born of elements/aspects present within KG and SD (Sea, Sky, Wind, etc.)

MD allows the intrusion of Light into KG while Rake goes off to kill Tiam, leading to the crisis resolved by K'rul in his creation of the other warrens, or perhaps his creating pathways between the realms.

Just thinking out loud here, sorry for the rambling :)
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Posted 05 January 2010 - 10:04 AM

I have over time stopped believing anything any of the ascendants or mages spout about the origins of everything.

I believe that an entire universe, the size of ours exists, and Burn is just one planet/star system in the mix. There is also other dimensions and Universes on the other side of these dimensions, that's where things like the warrens and the Crippled Gods world lies.

I believe that MD decided that she wanted to make her own system of power, so she started out by creating the Tiste Worlds (probably in union with FL) but the Tiste World may already have existed, but she made it her place. Then she decided to spread her influence into the dimension of Burn. Maybe she didn't and the other EGs just wanted to branch out, but anyway their influence moved to Burn.

Untill the arrival Burn had existed as an old world. Millions of years evolution, with civilizations that rose and fell, that came and went. I doubt it was enveloped by Chaos, it just was, with all the elements not claimed by ascendants just working freely. Then in came the EGs and made order. The end of the Age of Wandering and the begining of the Holds.

The Dragons and the Azath exist through out the whole Universe. So does the Aspect of the Elements. Draconus at one point speaks of knowing other places. Probably other worlds like Burn where he also walks.

Etc. Etc.

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Posted 05 January 2010 - 04:59 PM

As Tool says in GotM "There is probably very little truth to this story..."

I'm sure all the origin myths are based on some bit of fact at their root, but, just like those of our own world, they are then highly exaggerated over time to suit the purposes of their own cultures. As an archaeologist I'm sure Erikson has seen a hundred origin myths that contradict each other in a similar way to those of the malaziworld. Makes for a great debate topic, though!

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