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Any particular knowledge about toblakai trilogy? Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 02 October 2017 - 02:34 AM

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View PostHinter, on 16 February 2009 - 10:21 AM, said:

So Calm is going to take Karsa out because the Forkrul Assail don't like change? I'd completely forgotten all this.

She means she'll kill him because he'll have become too dangerous...but Ublala was like FU Calm and pwnd her with his giant weapon... oh yes, you know it. She could not take the heat.

So now Karsa, any destiny, prophecy etc etc on him is all liable to change, I personally hope SE does him massive warlord justice and spanks the empire to pieces with an army of Tarthenal badasses and samar dev complaining about how being pregnant with Karsa Spawn is causing her grief. HA! SE DO IT!

Fat chance! Do you really think Gannoes and Tavore will let that happen?
The shapeshifting master of the deck will bless Karsa and then teleport the army of the unwitnessed against the witnessed attention whore "army".
Tavore will cut of his legs while Gannoes goes full shadowdog and bites the head off!!!

Then they kill Rel and Iron Bars!

2017 response to a 2012 response to a 2009 OP.This thread just broke the timespace continuum. Watch for Confederate Nazis riding cyborg dinosaurs in the streets next.:)

....but its an assumption that the first chunk of civilization that Karsa leads an army against is the ME. Back in HoC he even told the Malazans (Tavore) they were no longer his enemy. Geographically the Malazan occupation of Genabackis would seem to make this inevitable, and neither Tavore, nor Laseen are still in charge, so the statement may have expired.
Also curious whether Paran interferes, or if he doesn't, why not.

well, given the political situation in the states right now, we are literally 1 cyborg dinosaur away from your prediction!!!

but for the OP.
not going to post spoilers on the karkhanas books, but i dont think the Past will be playing as much of a role as the Future of karsa will be in this trilogy.

even still,given Karsa's attitude in DOD and CG, i think the trilogy has a LOT to work with, especially with ublala and icarium. after all Ublala is a TT(or atleast half) and icarium was hinted at being half as well, it would only make sense that if karsa were to actually raise an army, that those two would find themselves in the middle of it.

maybe we will finally get to see a TRUE end to icarium?

my theory is, Ublala will bring icarium to Karsa, karsa will at some point realize icariums inner potential and either:
1. use him as the weapon of his destruction. letting him loose on the world to destroy it truly. OR

2. karsa will realize, that he Alone will be the one who can Stand by icariums side and keep him under control. i mean if you think about it, icarium was Marked by the azath essentially and is a raging storm of chaos.
where as karsa is basicly the complete opposite, he is anathema to magic itself, basicly has a pocket warren inside of him and would be the only feasible one who i feel, logically, could stand up to icarium during his raging and control him. he is also, from what it seems, truly un-corruptable. meaning nobody would ever be able to use icarium for their own use again(nameless ones or not)

so i feel he would either use icarium to destroy the world, or the inverse, sacrifice his life, travel with icarium and use himself to bring true peace to the world by keeping icarium in check.
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Posted 25 February 2018 - 07:33 PM

Calm. Uhmm. Didn't Ublala Pung knock her head off in the Crippled God?

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Posted 26 February 2018 - 01:07 PM


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She went and she left me like litter. She took all future summers with her. I lost all my money cuz I tried to bribe her. Now I can only afford an amateur sniper.

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