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Discussion Board Rules

Forum Rules

If you have a current affairs topic to post about or something similiar make sure that it isn't already posted about or a discussion very similar already occurring or use the search to determine if there was one as well.

Whenever posting a new thread/post that is in regards to a current event always provide your source for something

Do not Spam or go off-topic.

Do not make One or two word responses either as it can almost never have anything constructive to add to the topic with such a small comment, or lack of really.

Please avoid posting personal insults. Please discuss topics in a responsible manner, and if you disagree with another's comments, do not post personal insults against them, but post why you disagree with their opinion.

If you find yourself getting worked up over a topic, take a break, have a kit kat ;) .

Please guys/girls, enjoy your time on the forums, but also on sensitive topics, try to post in a responsible manner to get your viewpoint across. Understand that some people won't change their opinions on a subject, and respect that they have a right to hold those opinion.

If you find something offensive in any way, either post it in the thread in a reasonable manner, PM a mod/admin or use the report button.

Happy Posting.

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