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For the new readers What to expect?

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Posted 05 August 2014 - 04:01 PM

Okay so, to begin with I'd like to welcome all new readers to the series. I myself finished reading the first book yesterday, so we're all freshies here hehe.

As many of you have a tons of questions before starting to read such books, I can assure you that you gonna have a millions more of them once you start. I have to admit that in 20 years I haven't read a single book above 150 pages which means this - as a first one was a huge step over the ocean. I'm far from being native english speaker and I'd rate my english skills with a score of 6.5/10, so if you're anywhere near close to those statistics you can view the following paragraphs from my point of view.

For who is the book: The book is for anyone who loves epic fantasy, sorcery, assassinations, wars, magic encounters, mysteries, twisting stories and for the one's that would like to take their english skills to the next level.

For who is not:: /

What to expect: First - confusion. I'm gonna put it this way: first 200 pages are confusing as hell. You won't be sure what you're reading, you won't be sure who is who or what they're doing and why. Don't give up! After this, comes the best part, 450 pages of awesomeness. The story is great and it's pretty clearly written. You'll start getting it and it's meaning, you get to know who the main characters are and what they want to achieve, but still, be sure that a little confusion with the mysteries is gonna be present throughout the entire book. Keep on reading, cause as you do it, the things start falling together into a one big masterpiece and everything gets clearer at the end. Now the last part, last 50 pages are like semi-hard to understand. So many things going on, that you have to read it really slowly to fully understand it, so pay attention! Expect yourself scrolling to the first pages, throughout the book loads of times as that's where the map and characters are. EXPECT YOURSELF GETTING HOOKED!

What not to expect: You should NOT expect an easy read at all cause information you gonna need are far from being given on a plate. Oh, and don't expect forum members to spoil you stuff cause all you gonna get is "RAFO :D "

Tips'n tricks: I'd advise you not to read the book if you're asleep, cause all you gonna achieve is scrolling through the pages with not a single clue what you're reading. Steven Erikson made it that way, that you actually gotta put some effort into it. Wiki! Wiki is your best friend and all you need to know is there, BUT I warn contains spoilers! Make sure to have open google translate while reading, or to have a dictionary nearby. The words that are not familiar, search them up and write them down, as it turns out that Steven used most of the "complex" words again and again. For better or even complete understanding, an immediate re-read is worth doing for anyone trapped in a state of total confusion!

Good luck, hope you found this helpfull. :)

Edit: For the ones that have already read the book, if you have any tips what to add/change, let me know, I'll try to keep the post updated.
Edit 2: Updated Egwene's tips!

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 07:53 AM

I would say a good description and good tips.
The book is definately not for people that want to have an easy relaxing read like Harry Potter or Eragon.

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Posted 08 August 2014 - 02:43 PM

Welcome, Aftertime. I envy you! You still have all the other books ahead of you!!!

In addition to your tips, I would suggest that an immediate re-read is worth doing for anyone trapped in a state of total confusion. I did at the time and it was incredibly rewarding. There is a lot of info which only makes sense with the benefit of hindsight so unless you have total recall... read again . I promise, there are so many light bulb moments, you won't be bored :coffee:

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 12:35 PM

I was told this series was amazing and had some spare money so I bought a box set of the first 6 or so books. I started it and was extremely confused and frustrated. I have read many styles of writing over many subjects and this was about the most challenging. I was regretting ever buying the series.

I felt the structure was poorly written and hard to understand and without purpose. It is like reading a text book, of a subject you don't understand, written by a nonnative speaker. I had to continuously reread sections to maybe understand what was being told to me. Then around half way through either my mind broke and reformed or the writing style changed. I could understand it much better.

So for all the new readers, I recommend keep up reading and give it a try. I am not going to lie, I ended up reading spoilers about the ending because of how dry and boring the reading was. But it is worth continuing . Don't give up!!

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